2 euro Vatican City 2012, Seventh World Meeting of Families

2 Euro Commemorative Coins Vatican City 2012 World Meeting of Families

€2 commemorative coins - Vatican City 2012, Seventh World Meeting of Families in Milan. 

Commemorative 2 euro coins from Vatican City

Description: The inner ring features a family with the Cathedral of Milan. The inscription ‘VII INCONTRO MONDIALE DELLE FAMIGLIE’ surrounds the design, forming a semi-circle which is complemented at the upper right side by the name of the issuing state ‘CITTÁ DEL VATICANO’. The year 2012 appears on the right side and the name of the artist ‘G. TITOTTO’ followed by the indication of the engraver ‘LDS Inc’ is displayed on the left side. The mintmark ‘R’ appears at the bottom of the design, between the mother and the child.

Reverse: left from the coin centre face value: 2, on the right inscription: EURO; in the background of the inscription a map of Europe; in the background of the map vertically six parallel lines ending on both sides with five-pointed stars (the reverse is common for all euro coins)

Issuing volume: 115 000 coins
Date of issue: October 2012
Face value:      2 euro
Diameter:        25.75 mm
Thickness:       2.2 mm
Weight:           8.5 gr
Composition: BiAlloy (Nk/Ng), ring Cupronickel (75% copper - 25% nickel clad on nickel core), center Nickel brass
€2 Edge Inscription: Combination of the number 2 and ** repeated six times.

Seventh World Meeting of Families in Milan
The World Meeting of Families is a three-yearly gathering of families of the world around the Holy Father. It was initiated by Pope John Paul II who presided over the first event in Rome in 1994. Subsequent Gatherings were in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 1997), then again Rome (Italy, 2000), Manila (Philippines, 2003), Valencia (Spain, the first hosted by Benedict XVI, 2006) and Mexico City (Mexico, 2009). Each World Meeting of Families has a theme chosen by the Holy Father.

The World Meeting of Families is convened by the Pontifical Council for the Family in conjunction with the host Diocese.

The seventh Gathering was held in Milan in 2012: 30th May – 3rd June. The theme for this occasion was ‘Family: Work and Celebration’.

“Work and celebration are closely connected with the lives of families: they condition decisions, influence relations between spouses and between parents and children and affect the relationship of the family with society and with the Church. Sacred Scripture (cf. Gen 1-2) tells us that the family, work and holidays are gifts and blessings to help us to live a fully human life. Daily experience shows that the authentic development of the person includes both the individual, family and community dimensions and functional activities and relations, as well as openness to hope and to unlimited Good”. (Letter of Pope Benedict XVI regarding the 7th World Meeting of Families)